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I am not a professional photographer; I call myself a point & shoot photographer. I have had a genuine love for and interest in photography since childhood. My camera is a Nikon Coolpix S600 ~ which I love for many reasons that I won't list here. Sometimes I use my old camera which is a Nikon Coolpix 5900.

Photography is something that I enjoy immensely. My photographs & albums are treasured above all other material things I own. The memories that are captured and preserved through my camera are so precious.

I am glad that I have discovered City Daily Photo and started a photo blog. It's an honor to share my little corner of the world with those who find themselves here. Enjoy looking around my blog, and welcome to all who visit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At Work with Mama ~ Lunch Break

Going to work with Mama was fun . . . especially the lunch-hour part!


Tanya said...

Was it "bring your daughter to work day?" Where do you work? Looks like she had fun and brought her own baby to work with her!

Hope said...

Hi Tanya,

No, it wasn't "bring your daughter to work day." :) I have heard of that, though.

Sometimes I'll bring my kids to work with me if I know that it's going to be a very quiet day at the office. I work for the school system here in Knoxville, and when school is out during fall/winter/spring breaks or inservice days....sometimes, I'll let the kids join me at work....only if I know the office will be very quiet and most of my co-workers are out of the office.

She had fun with her baby doll...and as you see, she made sure the baby had a bottle, and her purse was full of all sorts of mommy things!

Hyde DP said...

Is that a doll? It looks so lifelike - her expression says "mummy hurry up and take the photo before I drop the baby" - love how everything is blue and great to see natural dirty knees!

And then the contrast with the quiet skating road behind.

Hope said...

Yes...I too noticed her dirty and scraped-up knees! But, no worries. I'm always happy when I see dirt on my children....for I know they've had lots of fun during the day.

Now...just where did she get dirt on her knees at my work, you ask?

I had picked her up from preschool she had already gotten into some dirt and fun! I hadn't noticed the dirty knees at work.....Ooops!


Boise Diva said...

That's just how kid knees look in the summer. When you have a child you shuns shoes, the dirt and scrapes are a solid patch all the way to the toes. What a treat for your daughter and her "baby" to be with you at work. I work from home, so my daughter is with me "at work" all the time. She doesn't think it's so special.

Dusty Lens said...

What a sweatheart!

What a view from here, wow, the city laid out, curving everywhere.

Laurie said...

Hope, another WONDERFUL shot! I just love how you capture childhood -- right down to the dirty knees. (My little girl often ends up looking like a little ruffian out of Dickens by the end of the day! WOuldn't our girls have fun playing together?)

I love your photography so much, Hope. It's got so much life and heart in addition to being beautifully composed and shot.

Hope said...

Gosh've given me so many nice comments and praises. It puts a lump in my throat to read them. You know...I struggle with low self-esteem and you're comments have lifted me.

I have never once thought of myself as a true photographer....since I only take photos with a point & shoot Nikon Coolpix. And digital photography really is so much easier than film (well, at least for me).

I do, however, have a love of photography that I've had since childhood, and I once even dreamed of being a photographer....a professional that perhaps might travel the world photographing wondrous lands. That was my dream.

I also have no formal training or education in the arts or design. My husband, who graduated from photography school, has also told me that I have a good eye and that I have a way with the camera. He has worked as a professional photographer and uses all the pro equipment. He has even offered to teach me how to use his cameras. But, for now, I'm happy with my little Nikons.

So now I frequently photograph my precious home in Knoxville, TN. Really so much better for me than those world travels I once dreamed of.

Thanks, again, Laurie, for your kind comments. You've brightened my day!

Sincerely, Hope

Anonymous said...

What wonderful buildings.. I like the lines.. Very cute daughter you have there!!

imagine102 said...

She's the perfect little mommy, holding her baby in one arm, a bottle in the other, and her purse over her shoulder! You are teaching her well I guess ;)

Jules said...

What a sweety she is. Had to look twice at that "doll" - it does look very real!!!! I worked at the same school as my kids for all of their elementary schooling and then they went to boarding school - what a gap in my life it left!!!!

Love the busy background - nice contrast.

From de Cafe said...

Hope - is it really too late 2 live your dream of a pro shutterburg?
I Hope not....

Hope said...

Dear from de cafe....

Thank you for your wonderful comment of encouragement.....

It is really never too late to pursue a matter a person's age or life circumstances. But, I am happier now at my age (early 40's) than I have ever been before.

Those dreams of becoming a pro photographer seem to be dreams from a lifetime ago. They began in my childhood when I would look through photography magazines and marvel at the photos of the most beautiful places from around the world.

Now that I have become a mother to my 2 precious children, I have a stronger dream....and that is to raise my children to the best of my ability, to provide a safe and happy home for them, to love them with all my being and heart.

My love for my children and my family shows through my photographs. I am happy to share my snapshots with anyone who finds themselves here on my blog.

Someday, I might let my husband teach me all about those pro Nikons, Leica's, and Olympus cameras. I'm not sure, though, that becoming a pro photographer is a dream of mine anymore. I'm afraid that uncertainty about that dream might ruin whatever passion I might have behind the camera.

I want to sincerely thank you for your comment...for your encouraging words.

Who does really know what life or the future might bring. For now, though, I'll continue posting my "point & shoots". I'm happy that folks like my photos. I like them, too.'s all good.

Sincerely ~ Hope

From de Cafe said...

Hope your new dream to bring up your children to be the best brings you the greatest happy's & outcomes.

Is there any job that is more important or satisfying than parenting a child.

Working to have your children be their best sounds logically more important than working for some company producing widgets (wowzio excepted).

Keep up the great pic shooting!

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Hope of Knoxville Daily Photo. Hope can squeeze images out of her Nikon Coolpix that will astonish you. The photographs of her kids capture the essence of childhood and a mother's love with the same poignancy and joy of the paintings of Mary Cassatt..."

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